How to find the best toilet for your bathroom?

If you have been reading our blog in the past, you will know that from time to time we like to provide readers with detailed buying guides to help them pick the right product for their home. Today we shall be looking into the general features and specifications that make up a top rated toilet like the buying guide on

Bowl¬†shape – The toilet bowl may not seem all that important. However, the shape you end up choosing will ultimately effect the amount of free space in the bathroom. Typically, you get two main shapes, one being elongated, and the other round. But what’s the main difference between both?

In most cases, a rounded bowl will provide extra space to the immediate area which can be a favorable feature for those of you with smaller than average bathrooms. Alternatively, you could choose a elongated bowl, which is designed more for comfort. Both can work well, but it comes down to room size and user preference.

Style – One of the most common comparisons being made by consumers is the difference between two piece and one piece loos. Generally, one piece options are the better looking of the two, but this can come down to your own tastes too. They tend to be skirted and appear more modern. The other side of that argument is that two piece designs have a more traditional feel about them and often provide more powerful solutions. Both can work really well in the right environment.

Brand – Our personal favorite brand names include TOTO, Duravit, KOHLER, and American Standard. For the most part, these companies have been providing some of the best rated toilets in the industry, and much of the feedback and reviews found on tends to back this up.

Price – You will want to stick within a specific budget range to get the most out of your product. Generally, this falls between the $250-450 range. Anything below this, you run the risk of a lower quality, and anything above is excess. You can often find a solid, durable option within this budget range.

Flush type – It depends on the plumbing system you have set up in your home, but when you have the choice, we prefer to go for dual flush toilets. The ability to hand control to consumers of how much water to use is a major plus point in our books.

Whilst these buying points may not be strictly groundbreaking, they have remained true throughout my time working in the plumbing industry, and it has served me well for a long time.

Heres to your new look bathroom!