Hello to all readers

Hello and welcome to the iSir home improvement blog. We aim to cover day to day guides on fixing up making small improvements to your home. It don’t matter if you live in a new build or something more ancient, this blog is dedicated to bringing readers smart tips and resources to bring their visions to life.

But what about us? Who are we, and how exactly can we help you in your journey?

Let me first introduce myself. I am John and have been working as a plumber and specialize in fitting new toilets. While the years have been flying by, I feel I have picked up a lot of useful knowledge that will ultimately help our readers out.

When I refer to ‘our’ and ‘we’, I am referring to two of my long term friends and colleagues that I have worked with since the early 1980’s through to the present day. They both help out running this blog, adding entries around their own expertise.

Jim writes about DIY in general, having worked as a handyman for the past twenty years. And Neil writes about similar topics to me but with his expertise leaning more towards general plumbing tasks such as showers, faucets, and sinks.

Together, we bring a wealth of knowledge that we feel our readers will benefit from greatly.

Speak soon, John.