A shower head guide – Everything you need to know

I don’t know about you, but I have spent the good part of the past ten years doing up my own home, and i’m still not particularly happy with the current state of it. I have a great location, but it doesn’t feel quite as homely as it could.

However, there is one room in the household that does, and that is the bathroom. I think what makes or breaks this room is not just the layout and colors used, but the accessories that we use in day to day life. One prime example of this is the shower.

Waking up at the crack of dawn to wash always felt like a chore before I decided to look for a top shower head with a bit more spray power and functionality. Now it feels more like a luxury and is genuinely something I look forward to in my mornings. You can achieve the same results by looking at these key features when shopping.

Water coverage – The diameter of the face plate will have a direct impact on the circumference of water coverage. You no longer need to shop for something narrow, especially with cool rainfall shower heads readily available to you. These are much more modern and can really revitalize you and have you ready to face the day.

Spray functionality – Much like altering the width and coverage, you are able to pick a product that has a variety of different spray patterns. Some will be powerful, some less so, but the idea behind it, is to give consumers a choice in how they choose to shower.

Brand – The main brands we generally stick to when it comes to bathroom related products include: KOHLER, Delta, Hansgrohe, Moen, and Waterpik. These are tried and tested names that have withstood the test of time and have received plenty of good feedback from customers across the board. There may be some hidden gems outside this list, but it’s usually safe to stick to the well known names.

Materials – Try to pick a material that works well with the rest of the decor. If you have a bathroom which allows lots of sunlight through, you may choose to go for something chrome plated. However, for darker themes, there are plenty of alternatives like bronze that can look great.

So there you have it, my big four I always look into before buying a new shower head. Once you have the basic information down, there is far less chance of you making the wrong pick and suffering from that dreadful buyers remorse.

As usual, stay tuned for updates on our DIY blog.